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Elise Zipkin September 10, 2020

EEBB's Future Initiatives
3:30 p.m., EST

Carlson, Stephanie September 17, 2020

Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation
University of California - Berkeley
"Managing for resilience of island fishes"
3:30 p.m., EST
Contact:  Mariah Meek

Dario Valenzano September 24, 2020

Group Leader
Max Plank Institute for Biology of Ageing
Cologne, Germany
"African killifishes shed light on evolution and modulation of lifespan"
Contact: Andrew Thompson and Ingo Braasch 

Emma Rosi October 1, 2020

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
University of Georgia
"Large animals influence biogeochemistry in the Mara River, Kenya?"
Contact:  Steve Hamilton

Jocelyn Behm October 8, 2020

Ecology and Integrative Biology
Temple University
"Anthropogenically rescaled community assembly and consequences for ecosystem functioning"
Contact:  Dan Turner

Karina Boege October 15, 2020

Institute of Ecology
University National Autonomous of Mexico - Mexico City
"Natural selection of anti-herbivore defense as a function of plant ontogeny"
Contact:  Elizeth Cinto Mejia and Dan Turner

Brian Gerber October 22, 2020

Natural Resources Science
University of Rhode Island
"Nighttime ecology and its application in animal behavioral and observational studies"
Contact:  Kayla Davis

Gene Robinson October 29, 2020

Director of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Sociogenomics:  The molecular biology that links nature and nurture"
Contact:  Darren Incorvaia

Craig Moritz November 5, 2020

Research School of Biology
Australian National University - Canberra
"Figuring out the tips for speciation and macroevolutionary analyses"
Contact:  Meaghan Clark

Anna Funk November 12, 2020

Anna Funk (Groves)
Associate Editor
Discover Magazine
"Careers Outside Academia"
Contact:  Lars Brudvig

Mitch Lettow November 12, 2020

Stewardship Director
SW Michigan Land Conservancy
"Careers Outside of Academia"
Contact:  Lars Brudvig

Christopher Warneke November 19, 2020

Department of Plant Biology
"Plant populations in a human-dominated world: How do they grow and change?"
Contact:  Lars Brudvig

Lissy Coley December 3, 2020

Biology Department
University of Utah
Title: TBA
Contact:  Will Wetzel